What is a funeral plan?

Simply, funeral plans cover the cost of your funeral when you die. You can purchase a Dignity Funeral Plan directly from us, which means your family won't need to get involved with any finances and, most of the arrangements are taken care of.

What does the plan cover?

Typically, they cover the essentials of a funeral i.e. the cost of the coffin, care of the body, transport of the body to the Funeral Director, and a hearse. It doesn't usually include costs such as flowers, catering or newspaper notices. Some plans cover additional transport for family mourners.

Ensure that you know exactly what is covered as plans do vary. Think about what you want covered and how much you can afford to pay.

How much does a plan cost?

Cost is dependent on what you wish to be included. Most providers have packages that you can choose from.

Basic packages can cost between £3000 and £3500. This usually covers the essentials i.e. a simple coffin, standard procession, burial/cremation. Alternatively, the more expensive plans may cost up to £4500. The coffin will be made from luxurious materials and limousines provided for your family.

The cost of a plan may be spread over 12 or 60 months. Some providers allow you to spread the cost further.

Please be aware that if you die before the plan is fully paid, the balance will come from your estate.

When I die, do my family receive money?

No. The provider will notify the Funeral Director directly.

What if the funeral prices are higher than when I paid for the plan?

This is very likely. However, if you bought a guaranteed plan with a registered provider such as Dignity, everything will still be covered. The price will be fixed on the day of purchase.

Where can I buy a plan?

We strongly advise that you purchase your plan from a reputable Company registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA), of which Dignity are a member. Your money is then protected should the provider cease to trade.

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