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Executor of a Will

An Executor is a person or persons who are appointed by the Will and authorised by the Courts to deal with the affairs of the deceased. When someone dies they will leave assets such as real property, bank accounts and personal belongings which will need to be dealt with.

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An Executor will usually:


Inform the next of kin, heirs and possible beneficiaries that the Executor has been appointed.


Make funeral arrangements.


Notify the death to anyone with whom the deceased had dealings.


Register the death.

Our Executor Support Service provided under our Living Wills or Ultimate Service package deals with all aspects on the Executor's behalf. We arrange the necessary forms, oaths, tax returns and Land Registry matters to be dealt with as applicable.

Banks and Building Societies will not release funds to anyone other than the Executor showing a Grant of Probate.

At LCS we are fully experienced in obtaining all types of Grants of Probate. It is possible for members of the public to make Probate applications direct to the Registries. This involves you attending the Court for a Probate interview. When using LCS there is no need for you to attend Court and you will not need to be interviewed by the Registrar.

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