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News - Wed 16th August

So What's Really Gone Wrong With Care?

As the news breaks today that 200,000 more care homes are needed by 2025 in order to care for the ageing population, we look at what really has gone wrong, and how it affects those we love.


Thu 10th August by Jacqui Lee

Can TripAdvisor Help Us Find A Care Home?

In an ever-changing technological world, are review websites the way forward when choosing a care home? As reported in the Telegraph, this may be closer than we think.


Wed 2nd August by Jacqui Lee

Are These The Care Homes Of The Future?

What if care homes were no longer like a home, and more like a community with shops, salons, and cinemas? This could very well be the future for British care.


Wed 26th July by Jacqui Lee

Opera: Can it be used in care?

A number of care homes have opened their doors to the first opera written for the care sector, as reported by the Guardian.


Wed 19th July by Jacqui Lee

The New £10 Note

Yesterday, Tuesday 18th July 2017, saw the unveiling of the new £10 note.


Thu 13th July by Jacqui Lee

Are Care Homes Getting It Right?

In a world where the elderly are living longer, are their basic needs really covered when it comes to their care?



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