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Frequently asked questions about Writing Wills

Read our frequently asked questions about writing and updating your Will. We offer comprehensive services to help you create your Will, taking into consideration your family and your wishes.

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Thinking about making or reviewing your Will?

FAQ's - Making and Reviewing your Will

If you die with no valid Will in England or Wales the law will decide for you who gets what!

Making a Will ensures:

  • The risk of family fallout is reduced 
  • Your loved ones are protected and financial stress is reduced for them
  • You can choose Guardians for your children 
  • You can reduce the Inheritance Tax bill on your estate 
  • Assets (valuable or sentimental) are kept within the family and passed down through generations

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Reviewing and changing your will is something that you should do regularly, and definitely after a major life change i.e. marriage, births, or address changes. 

If your Will isn't accurate when you die, it may be invalid.

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You may have a home, spouse, children, pets and a business. 

You can protect these in your Will and ensure what you wish to happen, actually happens.

Read our article, "Top ten things to consider when writing a Will" for more information.

More often than not, Wills are complicated and require expert advice and support to ensure they are written correctly.

Your Will also must be formally witnessed and signed to make it legally valid.

Up to 10% of your estate value may be swallowed up attempting to resolve issues, and if we spend our lives working to provide for ourselves and our loved ones, why leave it all to chance for when we die?

LCS have many years of experience in writing Wills, and whether you want a simple or a complex Will, we are happy to help.

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