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What are the benefits of my APT?

  • Save time and money
  • Delay settlement
  • Bankruptcy protection
  • Estate Dilution
  • Inheritance
  • Protect your Will
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Some of the benefits include


Save time and money

Assets will not normally be subjected to the usual costly and lengthy process of Probate, saving your Executors time and money. Probate may still be needed for any assets outside of the Trust or any mortgaged property.


Delay settlement

Occasionally it is not in the best interest of a beneficiary to receive funds immediately following your death. For instance, if a beneficiary was experiencing marital problems which could lead to divorce. In such cases funds could be held back to avoid forming part of a divorce settlement.


Bankruptcy protection

Beneficiaries who are facing insolvency or bankruptcy could also have their funds held back to avoid their share being used for paying off creditors.


Estate Dilution

A surviving spouse or partner could remarry and / or have more children with a new partner. Without the protection of the APT your chosen beneficiaries could lose out completely through 'estate dilution'.



Provision can be made for your grandchildren to inherit from your APT even if your children divorce, remarry or change their Will in the future.


Protect your Will

If you have estranged children that you do not want to benefit from your Will, even with a non-provision they could still make an inheritance claim against your Estate. No claims can be made against your APT.

Other Potential Benefits include:

  • Beneficiaries who are in receipt of disability or other means tested benefits could potentially lose out if they inherited a 'lump sum'. The APT allows for funds to be managed effectively.
  • The APT could potentially protect your assets from being used to pay for care fees

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